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Treesmiths Know Safety

Safety Starts At The Top.
The company's top safety officer is also an owner. He chairs our Safety Committee, which is certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry. It meets monthly to review safety performance and plan new safety initiatives and to enforce OSHA, ANSI and Treesmiths standards in all company operations.

Every new employee, no matter what their level of experience, is trained to the Treesmiths standard of safety before they go on the job. And throughout their career with Treesmiths, they will start each day with a Safety Briefing, conducted by their crew foreman, where the day's job conditions including voltages, terrain, and necessary safety precautions are reviewed.

Every week, all employees participate in a Toolbox Meeting. These sessions focus on professional skills with an emphasis on safety.

Treesmiths Utility Arborists Mobile Safety Classroom
takes training on the road so that every employee can participate in on-the-job training in tools, techniques
and the Treesmith Standard of Safety.

In addition to classroom instruction, on-the-job training and immersion in the Treesmiths Standard of Safety, every employee has the opportunity to earn professional certifications in tree care and related skills.

Safety Speaks For Itself
Our commitment to safety is reflected in impressive performance and risk metrics. For instance, our Experience Modification Factor is one of the lowest in our category. Our OSHA Incidence Rates are also among the lowest in the tree care industry.

Dividends For Employees & Customers
For our employees safety means a work environment that where every hazard is accounted for and addressed, where there are fewer on-the-job accidents, and where all their supervisors and colleagues are equally committed to safety.

Our customers benefit through delivery of reliable, trouble-free service, and by economies resulting from lower risk-related costs.