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A Treesmith Gets His Hands Dirty

Our customers are utilities that produce and distribute electricity to homes and businesses throughout the northeastern United States. Their customers judge them by their ability to deliver power reliably, and they judge us by our ability to keep their lines free of obstructions that can cause loss of power and damage their service records. This is a role that we are proud to assume.

There is only one way to be a Treesmith, and that’s to get the job done—safely.

Transmission Line Vegetation Management

Treesmiths Utility Arborists has the equipment, crews trained to work in high voltage situations, and the capacity to tackle vegetation over the toughest terrain. In addition to qualified line clearance tree trimmers, we have certified pesticide applicators who can manage vegetation growth with minimal environmental impact.

Distribution Line Clearing

Keeping the utility lines that reach home and businesses free of obstructions that can cause outages is an essential service provided by Treesmiths Utility Arborists. Work on distribution lines brings us into communities where we must be sensitive to local values and to property owners concerns.

Storm Emergency Response

When a storm strikes, TreeSmiths Utility Arborists can mobilize the equipment and crews needed to clear damage so that utility personnel can restore power to homes, businesses, schools and hospitals. Hurricanes, tornados, ice and snow storms: Whenever power is a victim of deadly weather, Treesmiths is ready to hit the road quickly.